Brenda Mallon
Published Work
Brenda leads creative writing and dream workshops in Europe and America and is celebrated for her gentle, inspirational approach. Brenda is particularly interested in exploring the sources of creativity that are available throughout our history, passions, memories, dreams and reflections. At present she is working on her second novel and a series on creativity and intuition. Schools also invite her in to run interactive days for teachers and pupils.

'Write From The Heart'
This course runs in May each year. Brenda runs a week long creative writing workshop in Crete. Here's how she describes the event:

"What we carry within and what surrounds us can prove to be the alchemy of creation. In this course, we will explore, discover, play and weave whatever form feels most authentic. In glorious surroundings you will be enthused and supported to find your writer's voice be it non-fiction such as memoirs, or in fiction in the form of short stories or novel writing."

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In her work as a psychotherapist Brenda Mallon finds that dreams are one of the most powerful healing tools available to her clients. She believes it is also one which we can all learn to use which is why she runs dream groups and workshops throughout the United Kingdom, in America and Crete.

For the past twenty years Brenda has been studying dreams and dreaming and has amassed a treasury of dreams some of which she has used in other books. Her most recent book 'Dream Time with Children: Learning to Dream, Dreaming to Learn' was published in December 2001 and includes a section on the dreams of Harry Potter.

In 2000 Brenda was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for the Study of Dreams and presented papers at their annual conference held in Santa Cruz, California. The subjects were 'Children's Dreams' and 'Greeting the Dream Healer', an exploration of the power of dreams in physical, psychological and spiritual healing. She also showed 'Children Dreaming' a ground breaking film made for the BBC TV 'Inside Story' series. This documentary showed artwork and dream narratives from children in Belfast, Manchester and Cambridge and revealed how conflict affects the psyche of children. Brenda is the British representative of the ASD International Dream Time Project for Britain and Ireland. If you are working with dreams in these countries please contact her for further details.
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