Brenda Mallon
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Managing Loss, Seperation and Bereavement

Best Policy & Practice

Written for head teachers, teachers and school governors this book sets out a strategic approach to managing loss in schools.

It covers:
A policy for managing
loss in schools
The impact of separation
& bereavement on pupils
Core support skills:
best practice
50 helping strategies
Loss as part of the
Resources, teaching
materials and books
Sources of support for
school staff, parents & children
Photocopiable exercises

Reader Comments:
"Your books and lecture on children and loss have led me to re-evaluate my work as a teacher. I am now much more aware of how personal loss impacts on educational attainment. My whole approach has changed."

Price: 15.50
Pages: 61
ISBN: 1-904084-00-1
Published by Education Matters, 2001

Copies are available from the author. (Postage & Packing £2.50)
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