Brenda Mallon
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Dream Time with Children

Learning to Dream,
Dreaming to Learn

It covers:
First hand accounts of
children's dreams from
Brenda's work in classrooms,
in therapy and in workshops.
Ages & Stages of children's
dream development.
A step-by-step account of
how to understand and
interpret children's dreams.
Practical exercises for you
to use with your child or in
the classroom.
Fascinating facts about the
cultural and spiritual
significance of dreams.
An analysis of the dreams
of Harry Potter.
The happiest dreams ever.
Wonderful illustrations
of dreams.

Reader Comments:
"A wonderful introduction to the world of children's dreams...the voices of real children shine through."
Richard Russo (USA)

Price: 13.95
Pages: 200
ISBN: 1 84310 014 22

Original paperback by Gill and MacMillan
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