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Helping Children to Manage Loss

Positive Strategies for Renewal and Growth

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Has your child suffered the loss of a close relative or friend or reeling from the aftermath of divorce?
Did you find it hard to help?
Has your child been affected by illness and did you know how to cope?

You can turn to this book when you need help.

It covers:
The widespread experience
of Loss in Childhood.
How to prepare children
for loss.
When the worst thing in
the world happens.
Coming to terms.
Dreams as distress signals.
The strain of illness.
Abuse, Suicide and Disaster.
Strategies for renewal
and growth.
School strategies to
aid recovery.
Where to get support -
resources, and addresses.
Books for children, parents
and teachers.

Reader Comments:
"The book's strength lies on the broad range of techniques that are explained and the enabling strategies that are detailed...easy to read, it gives some fundamental understandings that would otherwise only be achieved through experience."
- Educational psychology in Practice

"..provides a valuable insight into the world of the child, packed full of anecdotal accounts which are both thought-provoking and poignant...highly recommended."
- Counselling News

"'Responsible parents planning a separation should read it."

"This book is significant not only for its advice, but also as part of the increasing recognition that shared parenting after separation is vital for child welfare."
- John Baker, Families Need Fathers

"This book would be invaluable for paediatric department, school staff libraries and for youth work departments."
- Professional Nurse

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